La Mache (real_ikcimi) wrote,
La Mache

So it all goes down like this.... Joel, my OH so fucking lovely ex-boyfriend (yes the same guy I was gonna move in a few weeks ago) had been cheating on me for the longest time and I found out a month ago... Fun isnt it? I could write so much stuff about it... I could say how much I hate him I can say how much i hate her, but it would be hard for you ppl to understand...

She called me and told me sooo many things I had no idea ever happened, they go back since january... So we both plotted against him cuz he still had the nerve to call both of us and say "i love you" or look you in the eye and say it...

I got tired of the drama so I call her up and shes with him so I talk tohim and end everything... Im better now that it is finally over with. I ahte drama and ppl that create it... Life is so simple its jsut us that make things so complicated.
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