La Mache (real_ikcimi) wrote,
La Mache

I just a saw a really funny movie "Ju-On" (The grudge) and its pretty funny, althought their intention was to scare the crapout of us... There is some pretty scary stuff, but most of it is pretty quesoso, osea "cheesy"... It also reminded me too much of "The Ring", which was not that great as i recall.

Im going to Mexico in November, just for a couple of days... Im gonna go to the dentist cuz its way cheaper (like a thousand bux chepaer) and to visit a university (or two) down in Puebla and Guanajuato... and of course to see my mom and sister. So that makes me pretty happy.

Listen to George Lopez, Im not much of a sitcom person, but his standup material is pretty funny, he makes fun of chicanos. Hilarious!
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