La Mache (real_ikcimi) wrote,
La Mache

I went to Ashleys dad's wedding, it was nice/funny. Ive never been to a "white wedding" before... jsut all those crazy mexican weddings, which are crazier,less formal and therefore more entertaining. All that cumbia y quebradita.

But Ashley did okay, we all looked good, even f we had to wake up early...
We went to Pappasitos, and Ash and Jessica were hillarious!! Ashley made a toast and she forgot what she said, pretty funny. She leaves today. I love that girl.

Pissed off lady was also funny...

And today I found out that Dario had sex with Carla DiFlavia, you remember her? you member!! The short argentinian girl... which is kind of sad. I dont know what is up with these girls that know you're going out with a certain person and still wanna fuck them senseless... I guess Ill never know why girls and boys do this.
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