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So yesterday was the Cafe Tacuba/ Kinky/ Maldita concert and it was great! I got my hands on some backstage passes, talked to Sizu Yantra and Ulises from Kinky... and earlier that day I got inside for the sound check, which was pretty cool cuz all the bands are there just walking around. Sizu was walking around with his baby. I was heartbroken to see him so in love, but not with me. hahaha. Ely Guerra was walking around also. It was a great concert. Our new dishwasher knows the sound guy from kinky so thats how we got all these passes. He's pretty cool. I went with the two Veronicas, Jessica, and Ricardo (Agapito para los amigos). I got bruises on my side... I saw Joel's ex-girlfriend (or girlfriend, not sure), and I know he was around... I also saw el Dulcero, who is really scaring me. He jsut stood behind me and my friends just staring at me like he wanted to kill me. Creepy stalker guy. Ok It was a great concert...

Friday I went to a restaurant with some girls from work and there was karaoke... i got a standing ovation with some gay 80's music. Im the new karaoke sensation... hahaha. Que mamona.

Work is crazy... havent had a day off since last friday. Dont sleep much... not more than four hours a day.

Harry Potter coming out in less than a week!! Who's going to the Barnes and Noble party with me?
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