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La Mache
19 July
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Quisiera tener un tatuaje radioactivo.............
aleks syntek, amores perros, archeology, art, assbitch, badly drawn boy, bersuit vergarabat, black and white pictures, books, bunbury, café tacuba, caifanes, california, candy, chango jackson, chocolate, clockwork orange, conan o'brien, concerts, cops, craig kilborn, dali, dancing, david bowie, david letterman, depeche mode, diego rivera, edward norton, el gran silencio, ely guerra, enrique bunbury, espanol, fake shakes, food, frida kahlo, friends, fruits, fugazi, gabriel garcia marquez, gael garcia bernal, get fuzzy, glassjaw, going out, green day, guanajuato, hagrid, harry potter, hedwig, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, hermione, heroes del silencio, history, homer simpson, indiana jones, j.k. rowling, jim morrison, johnny depp, jorge, julieta venegas, jumbo, junk, kinky, kissing, kramer, laughing, led zeppelin, leo tolstoy, lord of the flies, lord of the rings, lucha libre mexicana, m*a*s*h, machine head, magazines, mayans, maynard, mexican culture, mexican food, mexico, molotov, mom, monopoly, music, n.e.r.d., nirvana, orlando bloom, ozzy, painting, pastilla, peaches, pearl jam, pictures, piercings, pomona, posters, professor dumbledore, qotsa, red hot chili peppers, refused, resorte, richard slimmons, risk, rushmore, series of unfortunate events, sex, shoes, silverchair, sisters, smashing pumpkins, spermies, stanley kubrick, stephen king, stp, stuff on my walls, system of a down, talking, tattoos, the big lebowski, the doors, the royal tenenbaums, the simpsons, the weasleys, the wedding singer, tim burton, tolkein, tool, traveling, vampires, vegetables, watcha tour, water, white stripes, winona ryder, zoe, zurdok

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